Over the last 5 years my family and I designed a way to discover people's unique and personal CURRENT values list. It pretty accurately tells the top 10, but shows approximately 30 if someone is giving thought (and about 20 minutes) to it. The list is unconscious and our behaviour because of it, is on autopilot, but this process of learning about yourself is
quickened, fun, interesting, and emotionally educational. We've even created ideas for someone to continue the process if they wish to. The list is actually pretty cool, we've learned, and indicates a number of things, like 'what we want from a partner... at the moment/currently'. It's pretty cool on other levels too, like understanding how the list changes, why, why our relationships with people including our children are different, etc. We've experimented alot with it and have a number of great experiences I could share. I would love to see if you could take the idea further. https://www.facebook.com/Thepleasanthome/

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