Your mention of a disorder I'd never heard of prompted me to look it up, and that particular disorder would not, I think, be very much like bipolar disorder.

For one thing, this particular disorder is only seen in one small area of India, and its their terminology for "demon possession" or "spirit possession." The behaviors are only engaged in for a limited time, by young people of marriageable age, and with a specific goal in mind: to become a shaman and avoid becoming a farmer. The afflicted individual is ceremonially "married to the spirit" they believe to be possessing them, at which point the individual is miraculously cured and becomes a shaman.

Bipolar disorder is not engaged in to resolve a personal issue and its not short-term, its a lifelong condition.

Sometimes even young children begin to display the behaviors but most of the time the first appearance of the disorder occurs between puberty and young adulthood.

The good news is that bipolar disorder is usually manageable; the extreme mood swings can be moderated with medication, allowing the individual to have a healthy, normal life, have a career and have satisfying long-term relationships.

But mood disorders, cognitive disorders, psychotic disorders and other mental disorders are pervasive across all cultures and ethnicities, across time; its just part of the human condition.