Being lonely must be the topic of my day as I spent considerable time earlier contemplating the subject. My beloved husband died in March 2008 after 25 years in a 2nd marriage for both of us. My only daughter was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in 2010 and died May 2011. The economy of 2008-2010 decimated my marketing services provider business, and I have had no income but my widow's social security for more than a year. I will soon be 62. I'm not depressed...just grieving. What I've done to help relieve my longing for companionship: enrolled in college to add a psych degree (and probably Masters) to my marketing degree (at mid-term, I have four A's and one B); spend much time with my two sons and 7 grandchildren as well as close friends and my extended family. I am part of a weekly roundtable discussion group on race and ethnicity which provides much toward my need for conversations. However...none of that relieves the longing I feel for my husband - our conversations, laughter, and intimate knowledge of how and what the other thinks and feels. I may never again have that type of relationship, but I'm grateful for having had it once. Missing my daughter will never end, but I'm thankful that I had her for as long as I did.