You have found several positive resources to help with your depression. You have suffered some terrible losses but your focus is on present time and keeping mind and soul healthy. You mention you have a few friends and you keep in touch and spend time together. This is also important. These strategies will help you immensely, I am glad you have taken these steps. I always recommend to my Clients - keep in touch with nature, people tend to get so busy in life, we forget to enjoy the free things, the things that should mean the most (alongside family and friends). Be aware of your senses - can you hear your birds chirping certain songs? Do you hear the changes in their tone, pitch, etc? When you walk in the sun, do you feel the heat touch your skin, do you look at the leaves that fall, at the veins and their patterns? Do you see the changes of color throughout the leaves?
One other thing I would mention - smile, laugh. It is true, laughter is the best medicine. When you laugh, is it heartfelt laughter? Sometimes this can be hard when one suffers depression, so you must reach deep inside, remind yourself it is okay to be happy, and laugh. Can you watch a comedy or remember a good memory? IF this is difficult, find a good book that is light reading that can lift your spirits and help you with such. Hope this helps a it. I am proud of you and awareness. Keep up the good work! I hope others read your post and follow your path. Best of luck, my thoughts are with you.