I relate to your comment. I realized recently that I have no fear of approaching or interacting with strangers; I'm not afraid of them judging me. I'm afraid of being judged by people who are WITH me, while I interact with those strangers. (In fact I do have abuse history from a family member who used to correct and criticize how I acted around people, particularly about my natural shyness.)

If you don't know someone, maybe you give their opinion or reactions no weight. But if you do know someone, maybe it's more frightening to imagine them judging you because you do value what they think, and then you start to clam up.

It might be related to who you assume is "dangerous" to be real with. I was taught strangers were mean and judgmental, so I was shy around them. But I am realizing they mostly aren't; I've been hurt and judged much more by people I trusted and cared about. Now I'm aware of how anxious it makes me to be around people I know, and how not-anxious I feel around strangers.

Just food for thought. :)