This was such a great post. Thank you for writing it.
I agree. In my experience, things like improv and public speaking can defeat anxiety. I used to have pretty bad social anxiety but once I started speaking in public (and persisted for several years) it all vanished.
So I know it's possible.
I loved your article though because you also wrote about how for people with social anxiety it's best to do cognitive therapy in addition to improv.
That is so incredible.
Cognitive therapy has very similar effects as meditation, is what new neuroscience is showing us.
Meditation has actually been shown to have more positive effects when it comes to decreasing anxiety and increasing overall feelings of wellbeing.
The only problem is that meditation tends not to work as well on children. It's best to have some of your prefrontal cortex already developed.

Thanks for writing your article.

— Eric Earle
CEO and Founder of Mentor Portland