I meant to also say that I have not always been in dangerous situations when these things happen around me. My dad smoked cherry tobacco in his pipe all of the time and he died in 1987. When and if there has been danger around me I have smelled cherry tobacco and those around me have smelled it too. I had an abusive husband that was beating me once and he just stopped and said where is that cherry tobacco smell coming from? He knew my dad was dead. I spoke up and said I told you my dad smoked cherry tobacco in his pipe. He told me to get up and get out of there and didn't hit me again. Hahaha I have been outside at night by myself or on my sun porch at night by myself and have started smelling cherry tobacco so I will go inside where everyone else is or have someone come out with me and the smell goes away. I feel that it is my dad warning me of danger. But other than that, I have been in very safe atmospheres and had paranormal activity going on. Nothing has ever scared me before except at one house there was a very deep voice that I heard talking all of the time but couldn't understand what they were saying but a few times. I really thought I was going crazy but my oldest son came to visit once and I heard the voice and I did NOT say anything and my son spoke up right after I heard the voice and asked who was that. I asked who was who. He said that deep voice. I got all excited because he had heard it too. I knew then I was NOT crazy. That house was evil and too much activity in it. I moved as soon as I was able too.

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