Unless you've experienced personally I can see how the scientific approach would be tempting to take to explain phenomenon. However I have had two experiences. First one was of ghostly footsteps and my two dogs heard them also. They started mid-landing of a stairway and made their was around a balustraude to my bedroom door and stopped right at the door when my two dogs jumped up to bark at the door. No one was in the house and the way the house was set up I would've heard someone running away and by the time I did open the door they wouldn't have had time to. The next time was a phone call on my cell from my deceased cousin. I stress it was a 'missed, incoming' call. Her number was defunct by then when I called it back. Her son had been in trouble and I specialize in a field that could help him. At times I also feel a presence around me that can be intense (not frequently), but strong enough to capture my attention. It will feel like someone is around but keeping a distance. A few times it felt like something was closer than usual. To emphasize I never believed in these things until the first two things happened and then I started believing maybe certain people have some kind of capability to detect or interact with phenomenon on another realm. I did research online to find out ghostly footsteps and phone calls from the deceased had actually happened to others (before it happened to me I never thoughts about such). Nothing as vivid has ever happened again (it's been over 10 yrs now). I think the footsteps were possibly of a deceased person reaching out for some reason but it felt dangerous. By the way - I'm a psychiatrist and don't have schizophrenia!

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