The same thing happened to my daughter when she was 3 years old. She was really upset and crying and asking me "Why don't my daddy come see me?" and "Why don't my daddy love me?" This just about broke my heart. She finally fell asleep sobbing as I rubbed her head and forehead. The next morning she came bouncing in the kitchen all happy and everything and I ask her "Did you have a good sleep?" I will never forget her reply. She said, "Yes, mommy. I woke up cryin' and their was this big man with glasses and a beard and he held me all night and told me everything was gonna be alright and my room smelt like cherries." I just stood there with my mouth wide opened and almost broke into tears!!! Thankfully she wasn't looking at me she was getting in her chair at the table to eat her breakfast. My Dad past away when she was an infant. He weighed 300lbs., wore glasses, had a beard and smoked cherry tobacco in his pipe. There is no way she knew this because the only pictures I had of him out on the walls was black and white pics of his head when he was young. I had never mentioned Cherry tobacco around her either. So I know that my Dad comforted my daughter that night and made her feel better.

Around the same time this incident happened I was married to my second husband and he was abusive to me. A few weeks later after my daughter telling me this, my husband had me cornered in the bedroom with the door locked and was threatening me with a straight razor. All of a sudden he stopped in his tracks with his straight razor over me and he said, "What's that smell??" As I was leaned back on my arm in the bed, frightened, I said, "Smells like Cherry Tobacco that's what my daddy smoked." And my husband then said, "I'm gettin' out of here." Like he wasn't concerned about anything, just in a calm voice and turned around and walked out of the bedroom. Haahaa I thought that was funny. If anyone is wondering I left him a few weeks after that. But I believe that my Dad had been there all along and was watching over us.

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