So what this article means to tell me is that when I was three years old, living with both of my parents, not knowing what a ghost was, just hallucinated the whole thing? Sorry, not believing that. Nice try though. When I was a toddler, I had no idea what a Native American was or what they wore, but somehow I managed to "dream up" a freaking ghost in the hallway who visited me. If you want, I can give you the story. That memory sticks with me even now. Every single detail from that year, THAT is how impacted I was from that time. Anyone can deny my story, skeptics can deny my story but I know what I saw and the story has never changed once. Ghosts/ spirits DO exist. If a toddler was visited by one without any idea what the hell a ghost was or even how the hell it got there, then psychologists need to stop being close-minded and trying to explain things with a hypothesis.

Delusions/ hallucinations are one thing. Dealing with ghosts/spirits off and on is another. If you don't have any experience with dealing with the spirit world then stop trying to make sense of it because it won't work. Sorry, not sorry.

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