Are You Bored Yet?

Feeling bored means being bored with yourself. You can't stand being in your own presence, and you'd prefer being distracted from yourself. Simple. Therein lies the solution to boredom, it's all about the ability to self-regulate.
Image by Marc Wittmann

Coping With the Humdrum

By Marc Wittmann Ph.D.

Filling 'empty time' during the pandemic.

The Sunny Side of Loafing

By Neel Burton M.D.

How to make the most out of boredom.
Rommel Canlas/Shutterstock

Listening to Boredom

By Holly Parker, Ph.D.

Boredom isn't a problem, but a tool we can use.
Wes Hicks. Unsplash.

In Praise of the Idle Mind

By Jeffrey Davis M.A.

Research reveals the value of daydreaming in a productivity-obsessed culture.