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Pay It Forward

Altruism makes the world a better place, but it isn't always in abundance. Being generous and altruistic might come innately for some people, but it doesn't for others. Yet there are different ways to give—donating to a charity, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or just helping a friend. Find the method that fits your needs and save the planet while you're at it.
Paul van Lange

Are We Naturally Kind?

By Paul Van Lange Ph.D.

Research on social mindfulness offers novel insights.
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The Neuroscience of Generosity

By Christopher Bergland

Synchronization of specific brain regions predicts generous behavior in monkeys.
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Selfish, Selfless, or Both?

By Rob Henderson

Research reveals that people prioritizing others, and themselves, are happiest.
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Lazy Poor or Entitled Rich?

By Veronika Tait Ph.D.

A psychological perspective on wealth, merit, and compassion.