Please, No Distractions

Are you a slave to distracting clicks, tweets, and pings? The idea of walking away from our devices sounds divine, but we are loathed to actually do that. A study in PLOS One shows that young people use their devices twice as much as they estimate. Twice as much. Here’s how to disconnect.
CommScope via Flickr/Creative Commons

Mom and Dad, Pay Attention

By Dona Matthews Ph.D.

Parents on devices distress children and reduce their resilience.
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Put the Phone Down

By David Greenfield PhD, MS

Why the Internet, smartphones, and digital technology are so appealing.
Marco Verch

The Digital Detox

By Goali Saedi Bocci Ph.D.

Detox, de-stress, distract, discover, and repeat.

Distracted at the Wheel

By Romeo Vitelli Ph.D.

Are young drivers more likely to get into accidents caused by cellphone use?