Top Posts: September 2019

Are you mentally flexible? Many researchers argue that psychological malleability is key to mental well-being. Read about this and other topics such as promoting less violence and more peace, why people get tattoos, demanding meaning from work, back to school, and more.

How Humans Became Peaceful

By Nathan H. Lents, Ph.D.

Mental Flexibility

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D.

Autoimmune and Eating Disorders

By Arash Emamzadeh

The Psychology of the “Foodie Call”

By David Ludden Ph.D.

The Magic Wand of Psych Research

By Glenn Geher Ph.D.

Stop Expecting Meaning from Work

By Allison E McWilliams Ph.D.

The House-Trained Dog

By Stanley Coren PhD., DSc, FRSC

In the Name of Love?

By Damien Riggs Ph.D.

Using the Label "Psychotic"

By Jonathan Foiles LCSW

Why People Get Tattoos

By Vinita Mehta Ph.D., Ed.M.

How Plants Enhance Health

By Susan McQuillan M.S., RDN

In Support of Emotional Support Animals

By Hal Herzog Ph.D.

Apology Not Needed

By Mariana Bockarova Ph.D.

Why We Care About Height

By Rob Henderson

A Simple Key to True Belonging

By Steven C. Hayes Ph.D.

Can You Change Your Personality?

By Mark Travers Ph.D.

The Power of Rituals to Heal Grief

By David B. Feldman Ph.D.

Can Red Wine Reduce Alzheimer's Risk?

By Georgia Ede MD

Do You See Your Partner’s Sacrifices?

By Amie M. Gordon, Ph.D.