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Bring Positive Energy Into Your Life and Create Your Dreams

What I learned from spiritual teacher Gary Quinn.

Posted Mar 20, 2017

CanStock Photo, used with permission
Source: CanStock Photo, used with permission

Imagine chanting the word YES one thousand times per day! Well, that is exactly what I have been doing ever since I attended Gary Quinn’s lecture on “The Power of Yes! Learning to Create Infinite Potential and Master Life’s Energies.” On a gorgeous summer day, I drove along the ocean on my way to the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, California. A close friend of mine invited me to attend a seminar by her dear friend Gary Quinn, an international bestselling author, life coach, motivational speaker, television host, and television producer. As I am a seeker of ways to live my best life and for tangible strategies to achieve my dreams, I was immediately on board. Although I certainly can’t write everything I learned from the seminar as my article would be far too lengthy, and I of course want to leave others the opportunity to experience Gary’s magic in person, I will just highlight some of the teachings which have brought positive energy into my life.

Repeat the word YES to Experience Uplifting Energy:

Upon taking the stage, Gary told us the story of how his YES doctrine was born. During a lecture in Germany, Gary was dismayed to find a room radiating powerful vibrations of “weighted negativity.” As Gary’s positive powers washed over him, a brilliant idea came to him. He asked the entire room to repeat with him again and again the word YES. Soon the room was enveloped in a “beautiful choir of yes,” and with each YES, the weight of the room’s vibration lifted to a higher frequency, and the energy of positivity radiated forth.

Gary then told us the story of a client who was in a bad situation. Gary gave her the assignment of saying YES one thousand times per day for seven days. At the end of seven days, her energy shifted, and she began to receive positive change.

Gary explained the word YES attracts opportunity. It removes blocks in our energy, and it is energy which attracts what we desire. It was now our turn to say YES. Our group stood and for several minutes we chanted YES! YES! YES! while raising our hands heavenward and pumping our arms in rhythm. I found my spirits lifting and as I looked around, everyone was smiling. I now do this early each morning at a peaceful river path, and at night outdoors beneath the luminescent moon. I also add Gary’s empowering words of, “YES, great new things are coming my way.” It is a fantastic way to start and end the day. I also do it throughout the day, and my spirits are always lifted.

Aleida K. Wahn
San Dieguito Lagoon & River Path, Del Mar, California
Source: Aleida K. Wahn

Do a Forgiveness Exercise and Close the Door to the Past:

To move forward we must close the door to the past by letting go of anger, resentment, and all things negative. The key is through forgiveness, which is given, not only to others, but also ourselves. “Heal it, clear it out, and then you will have space for new, great things,” Gary said.

 We practiced by saying “I forgive _________ (name of person or yourself) for ___________. I forgive _________ (name of person or yourself) for everything and anything.” Gary instructed us to go home, write this out on a piece of paper, and then to burn it. In the quiet of my home I did this forgiveness exercise, and as I stood at my kitchen sink, watching my words disappear into the burning flame, I felt a sense of release and peace. Now if my mind returns to the issues, I stop myself and say, “Nope. You burned that and you set yourself free.”

Change Your Thinking:

Aleida K. Wahn
The banner at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, California
Source: Aleida K. Wahn

"Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life." That is the quote I saw on a banner when I walked into the Seaside Center. Just like the powerful wisdom in this quote, Gary told us to continually flood our minds with positive messages. Gary revealed the struggle of a 63-year-old woman who was an actress but felt she was too old to receive any good roles. Gary worked with her to change her thinking, telling her instead to walk into an audition like she was Meryl Streep and to think, “They can’t make this movie without me.” She now has tons of acting jobs, and people want to know her secret. Instead of “Why would they pick me?” our motto must be, “Why not me?”

Take Immediate Steps to Create Your Dream:

When we resolve to be fearless and take action to go for our biggest dreams, positive energy is released. Gary taught us we must believe, then manifest through positive affirmations, creating a vision board with pictures of our dream, acting the part, and by taking immediate action. Gary shared how when he wanted to teach in Italy he covered his office with pictures of Italy, listened to Italian music, studied Italian, and ate pasta. He received the call to teach in Italy and now returns every year. When he wanted a book deal, he bought a plane ticket to New York and said, “I am not coming home from New York without a book deal.” Gary copied The New York Times best seller list, wrote his name on it, and kept it in his pocket. Gary received his book deal.

As it is my dream to work on a true crime show, I promptly went home and created my own vision board with pictures of shows, movie reels, and even the famous Hollywood sign.

My Results:

As I left the seminar, I was bursting with such positive energy I felt I could walk on water. Since incorporating Gary’s teachings into my life, wonderful new avenues have opened for me, including writing this blog for Psychology Today and meeting a film crew from Dateline NBC. I also met an actor who invited me to join a Hollywood networking group, where I have met dynamic individuals committed to making creative and meaningful projects. My dreams are alive, as they can be for all people.

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