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4 Ways to Boost Productivity When You Return from A Trip

Adult ADHD and Post-Trip Strategies

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Returning to work can be challenging for most people; however, transitions for people with ADHD can be especially challenging.

• Do you dread going back to work after vacation?

• Does your mind feel “foggy” or “rusty?”

• Would you like the transition to be more seamless?

If so, here are four strategies to manage the post-vacation slump:

1. Select two or three habits to resume

You have likely developed certain strategies that help you succeed at work. For example, you might have a routine of scheduling each day the night before or you may turn off your mobile phone during the morning to minimize distractions.

Whatever productivity strategies have worked for you, record two or three that you want to resume. Then, when you return from vacation, review your notes and quickly resume these habits to help you get back into the groove.

2. Document your current projects

Prior to leaving on your trip, document your current projects, including the status and next action items. Record these items on your calendar.

When you return from your trip, review the document and the next actionable steps. This may help you to not miss a deadline!

3. Schedule time for exercise

Exercise such as biking, running, and swimming is good for your overall health. In addition, research demonstrates that exercise helps to boost your mood, motivation, and mental focus.

Thus, even though you will probably be swamped with work when you return, remember to schedule time for regular exercise.

4. Plan the first “post-vacation” days

Allow yourself time to adjust to being back at the office. I often recommend scheduling only high-priority tasks and meetings for the first couple of days.

Consider rescheduling meetings or appointments that are not urgent to allow you more flexibility during your return to work.


I hope you find these strategies helpful when you return from your next trip. What are some other things that you do for a smoother transition?

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