Rewire Your Brain to See Opportunity

Therapist shares the A.S.K. technique for positive change.

Posted Nov 30, 2017

In my continued quest to seek out new ways for opening our minds to opportunity, I spoke with Kelly Armatage, a cognitive behavioral therapist who built her career in the Middle East. Her focus has always been on building inner harmony and getting a release from negative habits that weigh you down. In our conversation, she shared a technique she has been working to perfect over the years.

Dr. Michael Woodward: Give me a little background on your training in psychology.

"Kelly Armatage, used with permission"
Source: "Kelly Armatage, used with permission"

Kelly Armatage: I am a trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, counselor, and coach and also the inventor of the A.S.K. technique, a three-step subconscious rewiring technique available to the public and as an accredited course for therapists. I opened the first licensed counseling clinic in Bahrain in the Middle East and have facilitated over 10,000 one-on-one sessions. I became known in the Middle East as “the one session therapist” as I was able to help guide my clients to change deep-rooted habits and learned behaviors very quickly. After over a decade in Bahrain, I relocated to NYC in 2017 to launch A.S.K. into the U.S.

MW: What does the word opportunity mean to you?

KA: The word opportunity for me means a potential for success. This could even stem from pain or failure. I see pain and failure as an opportunity to learn a significant life lesson. When we are failing or in pain, it is actually an opportunity for us to shift our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors about the situation, thus learning a lesson and immediately creating a more successful outcome.

MW: How many people are affected by anxiety and panic attacks and how can these conditions hold people back from seeking opportunities?

KA: Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. affecting 40 million adults aged 18 and older according to Anxiety & Depression Association of America.

It is estimated that we have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Our thoughts are a direct influence on the feelings we feel. If we have a negative thought we will feel irritated, anxious, angry, sad and so on. So too, if we hold a thought of positivity, we feel calm, compassionate and confident. If we are suffering from regular anxiety, then over 40,000 of our daily thoughts are negative. Over a period of weeks and months, this type of negative dwelling will create a spiral into anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. We cannot seek opportunities if we are anxious. Anxiety (aka as fear) will keep us blocked, helpless and uninspired to take the necessary actions towards successful life goals. Fear attracts stagnation and negative external conditions. Correspondingly, confidence and belief create a life of abundance. What is so wonderful about this information is that we have direct control over our thinking and habits. Cognitive rewiring tools like CBT and the A.S.K. technique, as well as meditation, journaling, plus exercise and good nutrition, can help us to shift into a powerful and positive mindset, thus creating a life of happiness, success, and unlimited opportunities.

MW: What is the ASK technique and where does it come from?

KA: After facilitating over 10,000 one-on-one sessions since 2006, I observed specific patterns of behavior within my clients. I had studied various forms of cognitive rewiring techniques such as NLP, CBT, EFT, and ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie. I wanted to join this field of expertise by creating a simple and effective therapy technique for the public to use on themselves without the need for a therapist. For two years, I brainstormed and created The A.S.K. technique, a three-step subconscious rewiring technique specifically formed for the public to use on themselves to shift negative issues, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

MW: What are some ways you have seen the technique work?

KA: Over the last two years, we are seeing astounding results with A.S.K. due to its effectiveness at clearing subconscious negative habits. 

For example, we sent a Serenity Kit to the Sunday Express newspaper for them to test and the reviewer was able to clear her insomnia and wrote an article about it calling it “a clever little kit.”

Statistics are showing (with just one session or via a Serenity Kit) the healing of anxiety, smoking, eating disorders, insomnia, career issues, relationship problems, bereavement, negative thinking patterns, low self-esteem, parenting difficulties, and so on. You can use A.S.K. to solve any issue or negative habit you would go to a therapist for.