6 Ways to Clean Your Genes and Beat Disease

New revelations from the book "Dirty Genes" can help us boost our health.

Posted Apr 08, 2020

Source: Pixabay

I recently wrote a few posts on how genes may be responsible for your unhappiness, and how the COMT gene can affect wellness. This led me to discover Ben Lynch's book, Dirty Genes. And I gotta say, this is the best health book I've read this year. I not only learned some great tricks for boosting health and wellbeing, I now feel like I understand myself in a whole new way—I can now eat for my genes! And wow, does it make a difference. It is these strategies that have been most helpful in overcoming my gut illness and maintaining my health long-term.

Here are six suggestions from the book on how to clean your genes and boost your health. For more specifics on how to eat for your unique genes, you'll have to read the book.

1. Eat to clean your genes.

By eating foods with fewer toxins, you reduce the amount of work your genes have to do so they can do what they need to do. So to optimize your genes, eat organic, cook with a high smoke point oil (like avocado oil), and listen to your body about what and when to eat by using mindful eating practices.

2. Detox.

Your genes are responsible for ridding your body of junk. When you detox, you reduce the number of toxins your genes have to deal with, making their job easier. To detox, avoid plastic, air fresheners (or products with fragrance), and pesticides. And be sure to sweat to get those old toxins out.

3. Sleep.

Our bodies do a lot of self-repair while we're sleeping. In order for our genes to get caught up on their workload, we need to sleep. So when you're tired, go to bed.

4. Reduce your stress.

Stress generates hormones that our genes must then break down and eliminate to return us to normal. If we're overstressed, they can't do their job well. So de-stress both your mind and your body.

5. Take one supplement at a time.

If you want to start taking a new supplement (a vitamin or herb), just do one at a time so you can see if it actually helps or hurts you. Often times, you'll discover it's best to use the "pulse method," where you take a supplement every few days rather than every day—that way you don't get too much or too little. Once you have the right pulse figured out, you can try new supplements to further improve your health.

6. Take vitamin B.

Basically, all the genes discussed in the book need adequate B vitamins to function. So be especially sure to get enough folate and B12, and avoid folic acid, which is synthetic and can actually block B vitamin absorption.

In sum

These are just a few general tips on how to clean your genes. But if you're like I was and doing these things still isn't making you feel your best, the Dirty Genes book can help you figure out which genes are dirty and how to clean them more thoroughly.