Zanthe Taylor M.F.A.

Zanthe Taylor M.F.A.

Zanthe Taylor, M.F.A., was born in England and raised in New York City.

After receiving a B.A. in English at Princeton and a M.F.A. in dramatic criticism from the Yale School of Drama, she worked in theater and film development in New York and Los Angeles.

She then switched tracks and taught high school English for several years, before moving to Park Slope, Brooklyn. Zanthe and her husband, a psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders, have two daughters, and she is working on a book about parenting and food.

Author of

A Million Meals

As the mother of two children—only two!—I feel like a million meals stand between now and the time I'm no longer responsible for what they eat. Here are my menus and my thoughts on feeding my kids in a world that's never been more complicated for eaters.

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