Zack Carter Ph.D.

Zack Carter Ph.D.

Zack Carter, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of communication at Taylor University. His teaching and research efforts are conducted through the lens of social psychology. He focuses primarily on marriage fidelity, relationship development/management, the self, nonverbal communication, persuasion, social influence, and social media.

At Taylor University, he teaches communication courses in the areas of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. He grew up in northwest Indiana and graduated with his B.A. and M.A. from Purdue University. He received his Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University, specializing in interpersonal communication.

Zack lives in Indiana with his lovely wife and their two dogs. Together, he and his wife enjoy weight-lifting, spending time outdoors, serving in their local church, watching a good movie, spending time with their family, and of course, spoiling their two pups.


Clear Communication: Avoiding Blindspots in Your Words and Actions:

Clear Communication deals with the day-to-day blind-spots in communication. Blind spots in communication are defined as those thoughts, words, or actions you may or may not be cognizant of as you live day-to-day, but often times can negatively affect you and others in the long run. Want to know how to avoid communication blind spots in your personal and relational development? By raising your awareness of these blind spots, in both every day and in social and digital media settings, you can potentially elude relationship heartache and devastation. Achieving relationship success in this 21st-century environment requires healthy, consistent communication stewardship. This blog will help you learn about how to apply social psychology in your personal and relational settings to avoid these blind-sided communication moments. My goal is to educate my readers on how strategy and intentional communication behaviors are necessary for the development and management of your self, and your relationships. 

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Clear Communication

Avoiding Blindspots in Your Words and Actions
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