William Todd Schultz Ph.D.

William Todd Schultz

William Todd Schultz is one of the world's most respected practitioners of psychobiography (the application of psychological theory and research to individual lives of historical importance). Over the past 15 years he has published numerous articles, book chapters, encyclopedia entries, and book reviews on the topic. His subjects include James Agee, Jack Kerouac, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Kathryn Harrison, Roald Dahl, Diane Arbus, Sylvia Plath, Oscar Wilde, and Truman Capote, among many others. He has also written an important and widely-cited methodological paper on the concept of the prototypical scene. He has appeared in Psychology Today and on the Discovery Channel, where he discussed the life and mind of the notorious King Herod for the programme "King Herod: Madman or Murderer?"

Schultz's two most recent books—both slated for a 2011 release—are "Tiny Terror:  Why Truman Capote (Almost) Wrote Answered Prayers" (Oxford) & "An Emergency in Slow Motion:  The Inner Life of Diane Arbus" (Bloomsbury).

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