Wayne Elise

dating coach Wayne Elise

Wayne Elise began teaching men how to meet women back in 2000, sharing his advice via Internet postings. Soon after, he began taking his clients out for real life adventures in which he demonstrated and coached the art of meeting and connecting with members of the opposite sex. He has since founded Charisma Arts, which transforms regular people into superstars of interpersonal interaction. On the weekends you can find him teaching his camps for those who want to improve their skills at conversation and meeting romantic prospects. Wayne is the subject of the UK's Channel Four television documentary Seduction School. He has written for Esquire and Blender magazines and is the author of a bestselling e-book, How to Meet and Connect with Women. He relaxes by driving his Vespa through Los Angeles traffic.

Author of

Art of Charisma

Teaching men and women how to meet and connect.
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