Vint Virga D.V.M.

Vint Virga, D.V.M.

For over twenty years, Vint Virga, D.V.M. has been a distinguished practitioner and leader in veterinary medicine, recognized for his insights into our relationships with animals. As a board-certified specialist in veterinary behavioral medicine and consultant to zoos and wild animal parks, his expertise spans the animal kingdom from dogs and cats to wild species such as leopards, gibbons, wolves, and giraffes. He has served as an advisor to leading U.S. corporations, professional associations, and animal welfare organizations and has appeared as a featured guest on ABC World News, National Geographic Explorer, and PBS Nature.

His book, The Soul of All Living Creatures, is a Winner of the 2014 Silver Nautilus Award.  As a writer, he has also been awarded two MacDowell Fellowships and a George and Kate Kendall Fellowship. 

Author of

The Soul of All Living Creatures

What animals can teach us about being human
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