Vance Z. Johnson M.D.

Vance Z. Johnson

Vance Z. Johnson, M.D., has listened to over 75,000 people tell him their stories of pain and suffering. He has discovered trends and uses them to help others. As Medical Director of the University Spine Institute on the Murrieta Campus of Loma Linda University Medical Center in Southern California, he is on the cutting edge of Interventional Pain Medicine. He has taught thousands of physicians, both advanced technical skills as well as the art of communicating with patients.

He lives in an orchard of organic fruit trees with his five kids.

Author of

What Hurts?

Stories that explore the meaning of relief from pain and suffering.  With over 75,000 consultations in pain meddicine I've learned there are trends in pain vs. suffering that can lead to recovery.  Names and details are changed to protect privacy.

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