Traci Stein Ph.D., MPH

Traci Stein Ph.D., MPH

Traci Stein, Ph.D., M.P.H, is a health psychologist who is ASCH-certified in clinical hypnotherapy. She is the former Director of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Surgery at Columbia University, an adjunct professor at Teachers College/Columbia University, and fellowship-trained in pain management. Her work has integrated complementary/alternative therapies, including biofeedback, hypnosis, and mindfulness, into clinical practice with adults and children.

Dr. Stein received her Ph.D in clinical psychology from Columbia University and an M.P.H in community health education from New York University. She is the creator of popular guided self-hypnosis audio programs on topics including healthy self-esteem, sleep, and conquering procrastination. Her passionate commitment to mind-body healing has spanned two decades.

For more information, visit her website (, her blog (, Facebook (, or follow her on Twitter: @DrTraciStein.

Author of

The Integrationist

A 21st century approach to well being considers the whole person - physical and mental health, spirituality, nutrition, our relationships, etc. Integrating adjunctive healing approaches with good evidence of benefit (e.g., hypnosis, guided imagery, mindfulness, biofeedback, and others) can help us to feel better and create positive change. 

The Integrationist is about optimizing whole person, mind-body health via the strengths of different psychotherapy models as well as other healing traditions - inlcuding Complementary and Alternative (CAM) therapies. Be well!

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