Tony Angell

Tony Angell

Tony Angell has produced work related to the environment and natural history that has earned him numerous awards and international recognition by writing, sculpting, illustrating and teaching from his home base in the Pacific Northwest. His current effort with John Marzluff, The Gifts of the Crow, is actually his third book concentrating on these intriguing species as he has managed to keep close company with these birds at his home in Seattle and at his field studio on Lopez Island in Washington's Salish Sea. After completing his undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Washington, Angell directed much of his energy to matters related to conservation and the environment. Among other awards these efforts resulted in commendations from National office of The Nature Conservancy and New York University at Sunnybook. For the illustrations in his book, In the Company of Crows and Ravens, he received the prestigious Victoria and Albert Prize, from the Museum in London and is also the recipient of the Master Artist's Award from the Woodson Art Museum of Wausau WI. Angell, his wife Lee and two of their daughters, Gavia and Larka live along a creek that remains a Mecca for wildlife.

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