Tom Wootton

Tom Wootton

Tom Wootton - follow on Twitter or  Facebook -  founded Bipolar Advantage with the mission to help people with mental conditions shift their thinking and behavior so that they can lead extraordinary lives. His most recent work focuses on moving beyond recovery in bipolar disorder to what he calls Bipolar In Order.

Tom Wootton has become a widely recognized speaker nationwide as a passionate agent of change in the field of mental health. He has given lectures and workshops for mental health advocacy groups, doctors, professionals, family and friends, and, of course, those who have mental conditions. Mental health clients include Kaiser Permanente, Orange County Behavioral Health, Riverside County Behavioral Health, San Bernardino County Behavioral Health, Mental Health Associations throughout California, and NAMI organizations nationwide.

He is the author of Bipolar In Order: Looking At Depression, Mania, Hallucination, And Delusion From The Other Side (2010), The Bipolar Advantage (2005), and The Depression Advantage (2007). He is currently working on his fourth book - a workbook for moving from bipolar disorder to Bipolar In Order. It is expected to be released Fall 2011.

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Bipolar Advantage

Being bipolar without disorder.
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