Ted Cascio Ph.D.

Ted Cascio Ph.D.

Dr. Ted Cascio teaches psychology at Palm Beach State College. He has written at the intersection of psychology and popular culture for Psychology TodayIn Mind Magazine, and John Wiley & Sons. His cat isn't impressed in the least.

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Hollywood Ph.D.

Can celebrity gossip be enlightening? This blog thinks so. As cultural tendsetters, the famous have undeniable influence, yet they are also mere reflections of the specific period and culture they occupy. In that respect, they are compelling embodiments of our shared human nature. If only we bothered to analyze them instead of gaping and slobbering, we might actually learn something. Indeed, by examining their steps and missteps, we can be empowered. So, if TMZ is your guilty pleasure, consider legitimizing your degeneracy with real knowledge, here at Hollywood, Ph.D.

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