Susanna M. Halonen MAPP

Susanna Halonen the Happyologist

Susanna Halonen, MAPP, also known as the Happyologist®, is a life coach and writer based in London. She helps you discover your happiest, most passionate self by building your confidence, unlocking your passion and giving you clarity on what you want. As a positive psychology practitioner she bases her work with individuals, teams and organisation on the science of happiness and human performance. She is a published researched with a first class honours from the Masters in Science of Applied Positive Psychology. She is also the author of Screw Finding Your Passion: It's Within You, Let's Unlock It.

She offers one-to-one coaching programs, group workshops and motivational talks to inspire people to live their most fulfilling lives whilst giving them practical tools on how to achieve that. Some of her most popular workshops are around creating a life and career full of passion, building a positive personal brand, creating positive productivity habits, and making the most out of your strengths.

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The Path to Passionate Happiness

Did you know that you can choose to bring the passion out of you? That you can choose to be happy? Susanna Halonen, the Happyologist, shines light on how you can pursue a passionate way of being and find your happiest, best performing you. This blog will help you live a life authentic to you and build happy habits into your life.

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