Susan B. Winston LMFT

Susan Winston, LMFT

Susan Winston, LMFT, is an award-winning television producer, director, and writer. She has been the Executive Producer in all genres from the daily Good Morning America to the premium network weekly In The House featuring the top performers in the movie industry. She continues to have programs represented on the big four networks, in syndication, cable, and now making her way through the new media platforms working hand-in-hand developing product with national sponsors.

She also returned to graduate school to complete her education and training as a psychotherapist for the state of California. While not leaving her “day job”, Susan  maintains a private counseling practice in Encino, CA and Burbank, CA, and she does this all while juggling her priorities of family, which include her husband of 35 years and her three children, the third of whom was adopted from China.

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Shift Happens. I borrowed that line from a Southwest Airline flight attendant whom upon landing reminded the passengers that in the process, items might have moved around. Be careful when opening the overhead compartments because . . . SHIFT HAPPENS! Those two words were my wake-up call. Thank you, Southwest. Shift does happen. Embracing the fact that you cannot control everything is very freeing. This blog hopes to allow you to look at things in new ways and have a laugh or 2.


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