Steven Caldwell Brown Ph.D.

Steven Caldwell Brown Ph.D.

Steven Caldwell Brown, Ph.D., is a psychologist based in Glasgow, Scotland, researching the cultural and commercial impact of the digital revolution on music listening. 

This multidisciplinary topic has inspired mixed-methods research which has appeared in several peer-reviewed academic journals. Brown also writes for a variety of online publications, teaches at Universities across the central belt of Scotland, and appears frequently in the media, including radio, newspapers, and podcasts.

His research interests include: Health and Wellbeing, Quality of Life, Music Preferences, Music Engagement, Identity, Youth Culture, Digital Revolution, Digital Economy, Internet, Judgment and Decision Making, Social Cognition, Beliefs, Attitudes, Morality, Misinformation, and Conspiratorial Thinking. As well as continuing research into music psychology on the back of his Ph.D., he has wider interests in varied aspects of Cyberpsychology. The focus of his current research is on the quality of life of individuals living with cancer.

Brown is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

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For Your Misinformation

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