Steve M. Cohen Ed.D., C.M.C

Steve M. Cohen, Ed.D., CMC

Steve M. Cohen, Ed.D., C.M.C., is President/Partner of Labor Management Advisory Group (, Inc. and HR Solutions: On-Call (, both based in Kansas City, MO.  Often described as a “mess management” expert for his ability to skillfully resolve people problems for vulnerable organizations, Dr. Cohen is a well-known national authority who protects companies from HR bombshells that include issues of sexual harassment, regulatory compliance, motivational management, workforce diversity, employee training, and bottom-line productivity.

Dr. Cohen has over 35 years of specialized experience safeguarding businesses and nonprofit agencies with staff sizes that range from 2 to 17,000 employees. Typically contacted when a company is in crisis, facing potential lawsuits, or when immediate preventative measures must be executed, Dr. Cohen quickly and adeptly assesses company infrastructures and implements management changes that align with legal/regulatory requirements. He frequently serves as the temporary chief Human Resources officer for organizations that lack the appropriate internal staff to handle complicated or highly sensitive personnel dilemmas.

Dr. Cohen has an MA in Public Administration from Central Michigan University, an Ed.D. in Educational Psychology from Northern Illinois University, and received certification in Alternative Dispute Resolution from DePaul University, School of Law.  He is the author of the recently published book Mess Management: Lessons from a Corporate Hit Man ( and hosts a weekly radio in Kansas City called The Exchange, which features topics and guests from the world of business.

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Worked Up At Work

After more than 35 years of "mess management" and working with organizations to solve their crises in everything from sexual harrassment to federal regulations, Steve Cohen is a trusted HR specialist of the highest level. Worked up at work uses real-life examples to provide owners, managers, directors and others to navigate today's increasingly complex world of personnel and organizational management.

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