Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu Ed.D.

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu Ed.D.

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu Ed.D., is a psychologist and co-founder of Stanford University's LifeWorks program for integrative learning that fosters the growth of “whole students.” Through narrative and use of self he creates transformative educational spaces at Stanford, Fielding Graduate University, schools, and governmental organizations for mindful, appreciative, and connected inquiry to address global and local issues in education and health. His teaching, research, counseling, and training focus on crossing human and institutional borders to connectedness and wholeness through respect for diverse forms of knowledge, worldviews and ways of being.

Trained as a teacher and clinical psychologist, he is a graduate of Harvard University, professor at Tokyo University, Fulbright scholar, APA fellow, and president of the Nichibei Care Network that promotes mental health in communities impacted by the 2011 disasters in Japan. The author of books in Japanese and English including When Half is Whole, Multicultural Encounters, and Synergy, Healing and Empowerment, his global research on multiethnic families and identities is enriched by his Japanese and Irish heritage and presented in the storytelling, The Celtic Samurai. His pioneering work on diversity in Japan is also presented in Japan's Diversity Dilemmas, Transcultural Japan, and Amerasian Children as well as textbooks used in Japanese public schools.

Author of

Finding Meaning in Life’s Struggles

These stories reveal how people find meaning in life's struggles, healing themselves and others, discovering wholeness, meaning, and balance. They are stories of resilience, acceptance, courage and wisdom, ranging over the life cycle from birth to death with the theme of the art of whole living. The people in these stories are crossing borders that keep us apart and connecting to all parts of themselves and others.

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