Shane Perrault Ph.D.

Shane Perrault, Ph.D.

Shane Perrault, Ph.D., is a psychologist, coach and the Lead Psychologist at the ADHD Performance Clinic, and author of Focu$: Could ADHD be the Entrepreneur Gene?

My personal experience with ADHD fuels my desire to serve You! 

During my first year of graduate school in 1993, one of my professors told me he suspected I had a Learning Disability. Fearing the worst, I got an assessment and, boy, was he right. Next, I set about the difficult task of learning how to tap into my strengths and leverage them to overcome my "attention differences."  Maintaining the GPA needed to keep my full-ride fellowship and Completing the PhD program, I became my first client in the process.

Ever since discovering my own ADHD,  it has been my good fortune to roll up my sleeves and get 'in the trenches' and help countless children and entrepreneurs with ADHD unlock their hidden genius.

Realizing ADHD comes with many unique strengths, I wrote the book entitled Focu$, and founded Entrepreneurs with ADHD  and the ADHD Performance Clinic in Greenbelt, MD. At our clinics, we employ cutting-edge strategies and technologies, like Play AttentionTM (the NASA technology-based attention training system), to help you maximize your potential without relying on medications.

To help you realize your success, I take a giftedness approach to assessing and harnessing your unique ADHD and entrepreneurial strengths. My approach to psychology was developed through my educational and training experiences at the The Ohio State University. Also, I completed my undergraduate studies in business management at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA.

As a sought-after speaker and media guest, I spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus, am a regular contributor to Ebony magazine, and have appeared in Essence Magazine, The Washington Times and The Washington Post on issues related to ADHD and other family topics. I have also have appeared as a guest expert on a range of national and international radio and television outlets, including XM Radio and TVone; and in a score of film documentaries. 

I look forward to partnering with you in turning your Attention Deficits into Assets!

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Entrepreneurs with ADHD

How leaders (and aspiring leaders) with ADHD can harness their creativity and increase their productivity
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