Sean Seepersad Ph.D.

Sean Seepersad, Ph.D.

Sean Seepersad, Ph.D. is the founder and current president/CEO of the Web of Loneliness Institute, Inc. ( – a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce loneliness globally through awareness building, research, intervention and consulting. He is also currently an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut.

Sean has passion for understanding loneliness, how it impacts the lives of individuals, and most importantly, what can be done to alleviate the plight of those who feel lonely. His own personal research interests include understanding the impact of technology on individuals’ levels of loneliness and conducting online interventions to alleviate loneliness. Sean’s graduate career at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign included research studies to understand the relationship between online and offline coping behaviors with loneliness and also the development, implementation, and evaluation of a loneliness intervention program for college students. His graduate work also lead to the genesis of the Web of Loneliness (, a website dedicated to providing information, artwork, resources, and support to those individuals who feel lonely. Because of his desire to have a greater impact on lonely individuals, the website has currently morphed into the nonprofit organization, Web of Loneliness Institute Inc.

Sean also has extensive experience in higher education, including a teaching career that spans more than a decade and in-depth understanding of educational technologies and their use in high education settings. He has also worked in the nonprofit arena, serving as a researcher and evaluator for a nonprofit youth-serving agency.

Additionally, Sean is a strong proponent of giving voice to individuals who feel lonely. This lead to the publication of The Lonely Screams ( The book contains 18 autobiographical stories of loneliness from people who have visited the Web of Loneliness. He is a strong proponent of raising awareness of the serious negative impact loneliness can have on the lives of individuals as well as the difficulty in helping chronically lonely individuals overcome their feelings of loneliness.

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