Scott Haas Ph.D.

Scott Haas, Ph.D.

Scott Haas, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and the author of Back of the House (Berkley/Penguin).  His new book about the psychological resiliencies of Indian-Americans will be published next year.  Haas is also the author of Are We There Yet?, a book about family travels; as well as Hearing Voices, a book about his doctoral internship at a Harvard teaching hospital in Boston. Haas is the co-author of The Da Silvano Cookbook. In addition to writing books, Haas won a James Beard award for his on-air reporting on public radio, and he contributes regularly to Travel + Leisure, Gastronomica, The Boston Globe, Times of India, and Wine Enthusiast. His clinical practice is chiefly consultative with an inpatient population and in urban communities of color. His website is:  

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