Sandy Olliges M.A.

Sandy Olliges

Sandy Olliges received her M.A. in Human Science with a concentration in Social Transformation from Saybrook University. Her work there included Ecological Psychology, Globalization and Power, and Peace, Deep Ecology, and Social Action. Now retired, she worked as an Environmental Manager for NASA Ames Research Center for 20 years where she initiated and developed a sustainability program that included energy and water conservation, preservation of species' habitat, and use of paper with high recycled content. She was also responsible for other environmental programs including pollution prevention, hazardous materials, environmental compliance, wetlands and wildlife, groundwater cleanup, and community outreach. She now teaches academic writing and aikido at San Jose State University and offers shamanistic counseling and dreamwork in San Jose and Sacramento, California.

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EcoMind is about the relationships between people and the environment, including various psychological approaches to this relationship:  ecopsychology, environmental psychology, conservation psychology, and psychology of sustainability. The role of perception in how people view and respond to the natural world in general, and ecological crises in particular, is explored. Psychological perspectives on how nature affects people are discussed, both how the beauty and wildness of nature has positive effects and how impending or existing environmental disasters have negative effects.

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