Sandra Bond Chapman Ph.D.

Sandra Bond  Chapman Ph.D.

Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Director of the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas and author of Make Your Brain Smarter - Increase Your Brain's Creativity, Energy and Focus, is committed to maximizing cognitive potential across the entire lifespan.

As a cognitive neuroscientist with more than 40 funded research grants and 150 publications, Dr. Chapman's scientific study elucidates and applies novel approaches to advance creative and critical thinking, strengthen healthy brain development, and insight innovation throughout life. Dr. Chapman collaborates with scientists across the country and around the world to solve some of the most important issues concerning the brain and its health. On the frontier of brain research, her scientific study melds interdisciplinary expertise to better understand how to evaluate and achieve optimal brain performance through preserving frontal lobe function, the area of the brain responsible for reasoning, planning, decision-making and judgment.

A renown cognitive neuroscience expert, she is discovering ways to build resilience, regain cognitive function and retrain the brain to maximize the immense potential of our most vital organ. Dedicated to improving lives today and changing how the public thinks and acts about the brain and its health, Dr. Chapman is committed to promoting brain health fitness, developing futuristic thinkers, and helping individuals, young or old, think smarter.

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Increase your brain's creativity, energy, and focus.
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