Samuel Veissière Ph.D.

Samuel Veissière Ph.D.

An anthropologist and cognitive scientist by training, Samuel Veissière is Assistant Professor in the Culture, Mind, and Brain Program at McGill University where he is affiliated with the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, the Department of Anthropology, and the Raz Lab in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Dr. Veissière studies the interaction between cognition, culture, and human behavior in evolutionary and developmental perspectives. As humans, our evolved psychology is adapted (and constantly adapting!) to the unique challenges of being a social, cultural, political, and cooperative species. With his colleagues in the field and in the lab, he draws on a range of experimental, ethnographic, and theoretical models and methods to study the cognitive underpinnings of culture, and the role of culture and context in shaping the regimes of attention, expectations and intuitions that drive automatic human behavior. His other interests include ecological and evolutionary approaches to addiction and ritual, Self & consciousness,  contemplative experiences, decision-making science, and the use of experimental hypnosis, positive psychology and suggestion in public health and mental wellness promotion. 

Dr. Veissière also works in public health on strength-based, family-based, and culturally-based approaches to wellness and resilience promotion among at-risk populations, primarily in indigenous contexts in the Circumpolar North and the Amazon.  

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