Samantha Smithstein Psy.D.

Samantha Smithstein, Psy.D.

Samantha Smithstein, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist. She has assessed and treated adults, adolescents, couples, and children for close to 20 years on issues related to relationships, attachment, and trauma in her private practice. She co-founded and directs (with Elizabeth Corsale, M.A., M.F.T.) a treatment center for people suffering from impulse disorders such as compulsive stealing, compulsive sexual behaviors (or sex addiction), substance abuse, and the partners and families of such individuals. This center, Pathways Institute, also serves those with learning differences.

Dr. Smithstein has considerable experience in forensic psychology, working with and evaluating people who have been arrested, charged, or convicted for their behaviors. She has provided hundreds of evaluations for the courts and has provided court testimony and community consultation and training. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), and the California Coalition On Sexual Offending (CCOSO). She is also a writer and photographer.

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