Russell Razzaque M.D.

Russell Razzaque M.D.

Russell Razzaque, M.D. is a practicing psychiatrist based in London, England. He earned his medical degree from the University of London, is a member of the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists and in 2009, after several years of development, he launched Sileotherapy, an online stillness based self help program. Dr. Razzaque has worked for the National Health Service and the University of Cambridge and he currently practices in the East End of London as a consultant psychiatrist (attending) in acute mental health care.

Dr Razzaque is also a writer and media commentator. He has written numerous columns across a wide array of publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent as well as regularly providing psychological opinion on international television news channels including the BBC and SKY. He has a particular interest in US politics and his contributions in the US media include op-ed pieces for The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Dr. Razzaque is the author of Human Being to Human Bomb: Inside the Mind of a Terrorist and the forthcoming Obama Karma: Lessons on Living Inspired By the 44th President.

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