Russell Grieger Ph.D.

Russell Grieger, Ph.D.

Russell Grieger, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, an organizational consultant and trainer, and an adjunct professor at The University of Virginia. He has worked with thousands of individuals, couples, families, and organizations, helping them to rid their dysfunction and to create the health, happiness, and productivity they want and deserve.

Dr. Grieger is the author of five professional texts, including The Handbook of Rational Emotive Therapy, Volumes I and II with Albert Ellis. He is also the author of three self-help books—The Rational Emotive Therapy Companion; Unrelenting Drive: Growing The Character Secrets To Creating The Greatness You Want; Marriage On Purpose: The Secrets To Purposely Creating The Relationship of Your Dreams – and is currently preparing another self-help book, The Happiness Handbook: Powerful Psychological Strategies To Bring Happiness To Every Day Of Your Life, and a memoir of his NCAA basketball championship team, The Perfect Season. In addition, Russ has produced a series of audio programs under the collective title, Problems of Daily Living.

Russ Grieger's purpose is to make a significantly positive impact on the health, happiness, and prosperity of his loved ones and the people and organizations with whom he works by being consistently excellent in living, modeling, and teaching the principles of effective and joyful living. As such, he invites the readers thoughts, comments and questions.

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