Russell C. Smith and Michael Foster

Russell Smith & Michael Foster

Russell C. Smith has lived in Seattle, Washington since 1987, just before coffee, computers, and Grunge music put Seattle on the map. As a Senior Digital Copywriter, Russell delivers engaging website content designed to clarify and capture each organization’s marketing message. He has written copy for websites, microsites, landing pages, online ads, organic SEO content, and many other types of marketing content and corporate communications. Russell is currently at work on a nonfiction book with co-author Michael Foster, and working on a YA paranormal mystery.

Michael Foster is a futurist, armchair psychologist, web designer, photographer, game designer, a cinema fanatic, and a visual designer. His varied career in digital and traditional media makes him a prime candidate to understand what it means to live in the age of reinvention. He began his careers in multimedia working in television, where he produced and directed 13 television programs when he was 20-years-old, including Barcelona, a pilot episode requested by Dreamworks SKG. Michael is a founder and co-owner of Boojazz Studios, and is working on a nonfiction project with Russell C. Smith.

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