Rubin Khoddam

Rubin Khoddam

Rubin Khoddam is a Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology as well as an Elyn Saks Institute for Mental Health Law, Policy, and Ethics Scholar at the University of Southern California. He researches genetic and environmental factors that contribute to drinking and drug use and has published on related topics in several peer-reviewed journals. Rubin also works clinically with families, individuals, and homeless populations dealing with substance use issues. Between his research and clinical work, he also founded and writes for Psych Connection ( on a variety of topics that aim to connect scientific knowledge with popular beliefs of psychology in hopes of reducing mental health stigma while simultaneously increasing acceptance and motivation.

Rubin is a member of the Research Society on Alcoholism’s National Advocacy and Public Education Committee as well as the associated Government Affairs Committee. As a member of these groups, Rubin has had experience speaking in front of a variety of groups, including psychologists, medical professionals, and high school and college students on topics related to addiction.

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