Robin Marantz Henig

Robin Marantz Henig

Robin Marantz Henig is a science journalist and a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine. In addition to her most recent book—Twentysomething: Why Do Young Adults Seem Stuck?, co-authored with her daughter Samantha Henig—she has written eight others, including Pandora’s Baby: How the First Test Tube Babies Sparked the Reproductive Revolution and The Monk in the Garden: The Lost and Found Genius of Gregor Mendel, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award (and also, she's tickled to report, a finalist for the Goodchild Prize for Excellent English from the Queen's English Society). Her articles about health and medicine have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Civilization, Discover, Scientific American, Newsweek, Slate, and just about every woman’s magazine in the grocery store. She is Vice President of the National Association of Science Writers, and in 2010 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Robin graduated from Cornell and has a master’s in journalism from Northwestern. She and her husband Jeff, a political scientist who teaches at Columbia's Teachers College, live in Manhattan and have two grown daughters.

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