Robert London MD

Robert London, M.D.

Robert London, M.D., is a renowned psychiatrist, educator, and writer known for his ability to translate complex medical concepts into accessible information and practical strategies for general audiences and mental health professionals alike. For 20 years he developed and ran the short-term psychotherapy unit at the NYU Langone Medical Center, where he is currently on the professorial staff. He is also a consulting psychiatrist at the Institute for Family Health. A specialist in behavior modification and the various cognitive psychotherapies, Dr. London is widely known for an innovative approach he developed, the Learning, Philosophizing, and Action (LPA) technique. His forthcoming book is Skip the Shrink, a self-help guide for people seeking practical, short-term, therapeutic strategies to deal with stress, anxiety, phobias, and obsessions and compulsions that interfere with successful living and happiness.

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