Richard E. Cytowic M.D.

Dr. Richard E. Cytowic, M.D.

Dr. Richard E. Cytowic, M.D., likes how counterintuitive neural interpretations of everyday experience can be. The Duke graduate was attracted to the brain because of the surprisingly strange and peculiar syndromes encountered in neurology. He is best known for bringing synesthesia back to mainstream science after decades of obscurity.

A Professor of Neurology at George Washington University, Dr. Cytowic holds an MFA in creative writing from American University. Wednesday is Indigo Blue won the 2011 Montaigne Medal from the Eric Hoffer Book Awards. His New York Times Magazine cover story about Press Secretary James Brady, who was shot in the head during the assassination attempt on President Reagan, received a Pulitzer nomination.

Author of

The Fallible Mind

Emotion, perception, and other tricks of the brain
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