Nathan W Gates LCPC

Nathan Gates

Nathan Gates is a counselor, father, former wilderness guide and aspiring bison rancher. His clinical practice has focused on the creative application of wellness oriented perspectives with people experiencing psychological suffering or engaged in unhelpful patterns of behavior. In the past, this has included guiding clients to the top of 14,000 foot Colorado peaks, teaching flyfishing to teenagers (100% of participants caught trout), instructing healthy cooking classes and taking homeless youth backpacking and rock climbing. Nathan has also spent the four years teaching weekly mindfulness meditation classes.

As a clinician, Nathan has used Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with groups, couples, families and individuals. He finds ACT to be a natural fit with a wellness perspective.

Recently, Nathan and his family have relocated from the Denver area to the rural mid-west, where he maintains a private counseling practice in Canton, Il.  Here he hopes to provide his two young children with a wholesome upbringing as midwestern farm boys. 

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Wellness In Action

Wellness is a stance towards life in which one is engaged with his or her highest priorities in a process of constant adaptation to changing circumstances. Wellness in Action is maintaining a sense of who we are and what we stand for, even as we are buffeted by the ceaseless, unsparing rigors of change.


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