Nancy S. Buck Ph.D.

Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D.

Developmental psychologist, counselor educator, and registered nurse Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D., tackles the tough topics facing today’s families. Dr. Buck earned a Ph.D. in developmental psychology with an emphasis on parenting. She is the founder of Peaceful Parenting Inc which is based on her experiences as an educator, trainer and above all, parent. She has authored two ground-breaking parenting books: Peaceful Parenting, and Why Do Kids Act That Way? The Instruction Manual Parents Needs to Understand Children at Every Age. For over two decades she has been a senior faculty member of the William Glasser Institute and has trained thousands of educators and other professionals in choice theory, reality therapy and Glasser quality schools. In addition, she has worked with couples and families helping them to understand and successfully apply the principals of choice theory and peaceful parenting in their homes. Her mission? To make the world a better place one child, one parent, and one family at a time.

Author of

Peaceful Parenting

Navigating the push-pull relationship between parents and their children.
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