Mona S Weissmark Ph.D.

Mona S Weissmark Ph.D.

Mona Sue Weissmark, Ph.D., Psycholgoy professor, Author of Justice Matters (Oxford University Press), Doing Psychotherapy Effectively (University of Chicago Press), The Science of Diversity (Oxford University Press,forthcoming) McGill alumna, University of Pennsylvania alumna, Harvard University postdoc fellow, founder of the Program Initiative for Global Mental Health Studies, Buffett Institute, Northwestern University.

Mona Sue Weissmark is an American clinical and social psychologist, whose work on the psychological roots of injustice has received global recognition. She is best known for her groundbreaking social experiment of bringing children of Holocaust survivors face-to-face with children of Nazis, and later, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of African American slaves with grandchildren and great-grandchildren of slave owners.

Author of

Justice Matters

Examining Social Justice, Diversity, Discrimination, and Other Issues
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